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St. Chicken

Desura Digital Distribution



Defying genres, St. Chicken is in a category all its own - a fun but challenging swimming puzzle-platformer where you control an omnipotent pet guppy. Lost in the wild, and granted special healing powers you'll spawn, nourish and protect your school of fragile offspring, guiding them through hazardous waters to safety.

St. Chicken is my first solo-indie game. It is unique in a lot of ways. The player character (a lost pet guppy named Chicken) cannot die, but the offspring that you spawn by eating the nutrients from the water can. The game features a unique herding mechanic that allows the player to control the adventuresome little baby fish and keep them from harming themselves by running into predators such as electric eels, stingrays, etc. The game is solely scored on how many guppies the player spawns and subsequently rescues from the levels.

It is designed so that anyone who picks it up and plays the first level can have a fun and unique experience. Players who want to just have fun casually picking up food and spawning offspring can, but those who seek the high scores will be able to challenge themselves with levels that will require planning, forthought and skill.

Learn more on the St. Chicken page.